In my practice I take things I know - forms and shapes, and break them down into smaller elements. I  re-arrange them through the process of silkscreen printmaking and painting. As an image maker, I2 am drawn to suggestive forms in relation to hard-edged geometric abstraction. By exploring and deconstructing formal composition solutions, I continue to develop a vocabulary of shapes and color relationships. Landscape, light, and playful design are consistent themes throughout my work. My forms and design choices are based on subjective associations and the ambiguity of their relations; the openness allows the viewer to make new personal associations with my imagery. I utilize variation because its a way to tell the same story in a novel, unfamiliar way. Multilayered images arise and are deconstructed through screen printing processes, sometimes through saturated full bleed prints, and others through minimal, subtle designs. I aim to push the boundaries of what screen printing can do - through scale, ink control, and the technical precision of my prints. This involves adapting to the capabilities of different studios and learning more about the process with every project. While working on large scale and heavily planned prints, I isolate and assemble individual printed layers on fresh sheets of paper. I layer shapes and colors to varying degrees, creating series of mono-prints. Creating these mono-prints alongside the planned composition allows for the possibility of chance and spontaneity in my work. As a queer artist, I feel a special connection to ideas and representations of the queer body - my own and my experience of others. I isolate and repeat human forms as well as landscapes, both natural and urban. In doing so, new sequences are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between the body and landscape. Multiplicity allows me to explore different color and energy channels; the meanings of singular forms expand through repetition and color exploration. My images design serves as a visual blueprint while the color fills each symbolic shape with its own soul and presence. Part of my craft as an artist is the mixing of all my own printmaking inks from raw pigment and mediums. My work relies on color play, so I use heavily pigmented inks to achieve intense color relationships. My personal practice was developed with the help of many incredible professors during my time as an undergraduate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I currently live in Los Angeles and am a co-owner of Print Shop LA, continuing to develop my ideas and body of printmaking works.